Fur Friends of Waterstone

At Waterstone, our team is such an integral aspect of our company, including our fur teammates, Honey and Missy. Our new office is located right down from the street from the Anti Cruelty Society, a wonderful organization unique to Chicago. Founded in 1899, the Anti Cruelty Society provides a safe home for all types of animals who are in need. In addition, they also provide free animal behavior advice, a low cost clinic to make sure the animals get the medial attention they need and offer an amazing adoption experience. 

During our afternoon with the organization, we made toys for the cats and dogs, toured the entire facility and learned about their history. And for the best part, we helped socialize a new litter of kittens and a litter of puppies! A purrrfect afternoon of team building and service. If you’re looking for a new fur friend, make sure to check out the Anti Cruelty Society! 

Waterstone and anticruelty.jpg