Autonomous Mobility Opportunities


For companies developing autonomous mobility on demand and self-driving technologies, Waterstone provides tailor-made talent acquisition solutions and recruitment services to build innovative teams that continually outperform the competition.

AMoD is greatly impacting all the leading industries, not only Automotive and with the current race to develop self-driving cars and other autonomous mobility solutions, the talent gap between companies' demand and resource availability is rapidly expanding. 

We understand that you can’t continue to grow your business without acquiring key contributors, yet working with multiple firms to complete your team is challenging and often times disruptive to productivity. Waterstone is your solution. We find the talent your business demands (and your competitors want) through customized talent acquisition solutions.

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Why Waterstone?

  • Dedicated specialized teams assigned exclusively to your project - we are completely aligned with your objectives

  • Successfully hired over 250+ engineers nationwide in AI space over the last two years

  • Experts in creative recruiting and sourcing strategies, which can be critical at a time when talent is at a premium and unemployment rate is low

  • Regular meetings with the hiring managers on project status to keep the process moving forward

  • Personalized outreach messaging to potential candidates - we act as an extension of your brand

  • Recruiting process performance analytics - Waterstone’s proprietary platform providing insights into the process

Unlike other talent acquisition firms, we apply our experience establishing cross-functional mobility on demand teams for Fortune 100 companies to help you expand your team of industry leaders and trailblazers—whether you need to find one person or hundreds. From algorithm research scientists, perception and localization engineers, path planning, radar, LiDAR and motion planning engineers, to product and project managers - we have expertise in covering multiple areas of your business. 

See how we took the talent of one of our clients to the next level

You need driven people with the right experience and passion for the job—not just the people who are available. 

Autonomous Driving Experience

We have wide networks and extensive experience in building teams in the Autonomous Driving field. We know what you need and what your pain points are - contact us today to find out how can we help you grow your business ahead of your competition.


Waterstone is committed to helping the autonomous industry develop nationwide and in the state of Illinois, which is why we are pushing the autonomous driving initiatives forward as a Founding Member of the Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association.


Planning vehicle path, trajectory and maneuvers

  • Path Planning Engineer

  • Algorithm Engineer

  • Behavior AI Engineer

  • Motion Planning Engineer

  • Vehicle Control Engineer

  • Virtual Data Simulation

Localization and Mapping

Data fusion for environment mapping and vehicle localization

  • Localization Engineer

  • Multi-Scale Map Generation Engineer

  • Map Integration Engineer


Learning and updating high -definition maps, traffic data, algorithms for object detection, classification, and decision-making

  • Cloud Engineer

  • Engineering Group Manager, Compute Cluster

  • HD Mapping Tools Engineer

  • Senior Engineer - Cyber Security


  • Autonomous Driving Project Manager

  • Autonomous Driving Program Manager

  • Director of Engineering

Perception and Object Analysis

Object and obstacle detection, classification and tracking

  • Perception Engineer

  • Senior Perception Engineer

Middleware or Operating System

Middleware and real-time operating system to run algorithms

  • Software Middleware Engineer

  • Software OS Engineer

  • Embedded Software Engineer

  • Software Engineer - Simulation

  • System Software Engineer

  • Software Infrastructure Engineer

  • R&D Software Engineer

  • Chief Engineer - Autonomous Driving Architecture


Monitoring autonomous system operation, detecting faults, and generating recommendations

  • Test & Verification Engineer

  • Algorithm and Software Validation Engineer

  • Engineering Group Manager - Vehicle on the Road Testing

  • Sensor Simulation Engineer

  • Safety Analysis Engineer