Elizabeth Faddis, Managing Director

Elizabeth Faddis Waterstone.jpg

Elizabeth earns our clients’ respect because she speaks their language. Adept at selling talented candidates on emerging companies, building customized outreach tools for clients, or aligning hiring objectives with C-suite business needs, Elizabeth can do it all. She built this fluency over fifteen years of building talent within organizations and the infrastructure to support them, across industries (technology, software, financial services, professional services) and development phases, from early-stage to the Fortune 500.

Having led corporate talent teams and formalized HR processes at CNA, Capital H Group, CVM, Quesocial, and Channel IQ, Elizabeth knows the value of close partnership with both executive leadership and hiring managers. Her strategic perspective when defining talent strategy against business goals, and granular understanding of HR programs (employer branding, performance management, and professional development) delight our clients across leadership levels for the long term.

Elizabeth succeeds with clients because she models sustainable growth for our firm. Drawn by Waterstone’s entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunity to shape its future, Elizabeth respects and trusts her colleagues, and thus transmits care and commitment to her clients. Unafraid to learn, Elizabeth seizes opportunities to grow both our client base and our team through business and professional development initiatives. Elizabeth is serious about helping show the way to junior colleagues, consciously creating training processes which offer experiential shadowing and inclusion on client-facing work to junior staff.

Outside Waterstone, Elizabeth plays the role of amateur referee and Lego negotiator with her two young sons. She doesn’t miss a trip to the Mars Cheese Castle and is an avid fashionista, making the rest of us look like a bunch of slouches. But let’s be honest, most of her waking hours are spent finding quiet spots in the office to focus and avoid gossip about the tastiest flavor of Pringles, who was in jeopardy or Dancing with the Stars, and which superhero has the most enviable powers.