Shawn Primavera, Managing Director

Shawn Primavera Waterstone.jpg

Shawn co-founded Waterstone to serve diverse clients while thinking and acting as a trusted partner, sharing the disposition of colleagues and offering innovative tools and external perspective. His credibility as an advisor derives from experience in leading successful talent teams and participating in business discussions about the health and direction of firms he’s been a part of throughout his career. 

Too often we see other agencies making bold hires without integrating the executive or team into the culture, operations, and future of a business. In contrast, Shawn partners with clients on-site to learn the business, perform current-state analyses, and align his findings with business objectives and resources. He invites clients to discover how current talent choices impact their business, from an individual business unit up to the enterprise level. In partnership, Shawn creates talent strategies to help leaders benchmark successes against actionable checkpoints. With each great hire, department leaders recognize Shawn’s shared investment and become confident champions of the process.

Prior to Waterstone, Shawn led the talent growth of Acquity Group, at the time an emerging services firm that is now part of Accenture, increasing the number of full-time employees from 80 to 450 in two years. In his early career, he honed his skills within talent development while working at leading organizations such as Whitman-Hart, Accenture, AON/Hewitt and Hudson Highland.  Throughout his career, Shawn spent a good percentage of it within companies going through a transformation and/or high growth. 

Since Waterstone’s inception, Shawn has had the great privilege to leverage his experience with companies like iManage, a software company, where he led talent strategy and hiring initiatives and expanded the team of core engineers to over 200 full-time employees; Aptiv, a Fortune #63 Autonomous Vehicle Tier-1 OEM that became its own entity after separating from Delphi, where Waterstone was responsible for the entire Talent Acquisition strategy and execution, hiring over 100 employees to the Aptiv team within 6 months.  

Shawn knows these long-term successes are possible only with holistic talent strategy. As an experienced leader on the ground, Shawn moves teams forward by identifying capability gaps and leveraging Waterstone’s services to define processes for cultural fit, customized onboarding, and rigorous organizational development. Shawn helps build the talent systems which sustain our clients’ work, leaving them stronger for years.

Away from work, Shawn enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf courses across the country, and cooking. With highly ambitious Chef intentions, he himself admits his skills might only get him past the 1st round on Chopped.