Jeff Williams, Managing Director

Jeff Williams Waterstone.jpg

Jeff shares Waterstone’s nimbleness, know-how and entrepreneurial ethos. He founded his own company and went on to build the IT recruiting team for a decade at one of Chicago’s most respected talent firms. Because he understands the growth mindset of emerging markets nationwide, Jeff helps clients thrive via full-life-cycle and project recruiting, no matter their domain (autonomous vehicles, C-level, information technology) or phase of development.

Crediting his tenure within talent acquisition to equal parts advisory candor and relentless hunger, Jeff’s authentic nature allows him to appraise his clients’ needs, ask questions others may avoid, and convey this insight to decision-makers. His unyielding efforts result in clients reaching their hiring goals.

Away from work, Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, cooking for friends, playing golf courses across the country, and crafting handmade art in his home woodshop. He is a die-hard Chicago sports fan.